Very well done! I hope it comes back, so my friends can see it!

-Karen Suarez


Loved it! I hope it comes back too. Would love to see it again and bring other family members that missed it.

-Tina Calderon


Brilliant! Very emotional and very well acted. Thumbs way up.

-Twin Talk Show


What an incredible show this was! Perfectly staged in the round, we circled the actors as they portrayed one of the most tragic stories of our local Native Americans. Twice I was brought to tears. More often than that I was drawn back in time, living the pain and indignation this tribe must have felt at the hands of their oppressors. Well done. Bravo!

-Jennifer Davis


Truly an amazing and moving telling of San Gabriel Valley history. Brilliantly acted.

-Angel Hernandez


I really enjoyed the play. It did a great job of explaining the actions of Toypurina and her tribe. The actress that played Toypurina stood out from the rest of the cast. If the play does come back I would recommend it to friends and relatives.

-Ernest Bustillos



-Camila Lopez


I enjoyed the play very much, I got caught up in the story, the lead actress was just wonderful, made the story come to life.

-Mary Cammarano


I attended opening night and came away deeply moved by the experience. God bless all of you who participated in this important event. Toypurina’s (and the Tongva’s) experiences remind us that we must search our hearts and root out all prejudice if we are to truly be a community. Congratulations to cast and crew for a powerful historical and dramatic experience. I hope the play will be performed regularly in the future, especially in the San Gabriel Valley. In fact, I would urge the producers to consider a traveling company to stage the play all over Southern California, land of the Tongva Gabrieleño Indians.

-Dan Acosta


I was so moved at the story as well as the acting and directing.

-Darren Huntting


I went to the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse on 10/23/2014, this time to see the world premiere of Toypurina. I enjoyed the play very much.

-Dwain C


The stage seating brought Toypurina to the audience; we were part of it. My 17-year-old son was spellbound throughout the entire play. Excellent. Encore!

- Julie Pielaat